Pursuit To Wellness Spiritual Formation Lifeclass Series


The Pursuit To Wellness Spiritual Formation Lifeclass Series is purposed to help you understand how to strengthen your spiritual identity in order to hear God that empowers you to walk by faith so you can heal and recover as you discover the way, truth and life that makes it well with your whole person healing.

This Lifeclass Series Includes twelve lifeclasses where you can invest in as a whole series or as one lifeclass at a time:

1) Understanding The Purpose Of How Keeping The Time Talent and Treasure In The Kingdom Makes You Well
2) Understanding How The Heart To Heart Covenant Relationship Makes You Well
3) Understanding How To Locate The Kingdoms During Your Pursuit To Wellness
4) Understanding How To Abide In Order To Hear The Living Word of God To Become Well
5) How To Recognize The Spirit Behind Your Thoughts In Order To Become Well
6) Understanding The Important Of Identifying Your Desires In Order To Become Well
7) How To Become Well And Be Anxious For Nothing
8) Learn How To Protect Yourself From Your Enemy In Order To Maintain Your Wellness
9) How Understanding Your God's Purpose, Vision And Mission Makes You Well
10) Understanding How To Walk By Faith To Cultivate A Lifestyle Of Wellness
11) Understanding The Power Within The Wellness Principle Of You Reap What You Sow
12) How To Have Intimate Conversations With God To Nurture Your Lifestyle Of Wellness